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Zoho CRM & DESK  - Provides a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and sales funnel. Track all information about your customers and interactions in one place. Manage leads and direct them to the right reps at the right time. Identify opportunities; improve customer interactions and improve efficiency while reducing costs. Manage predictions, team performances, items and transactions from one place. Manage customer  issues and track customer tickets for faster resolutions. Stay up to date by collecting all information in one place.


Zoho Books & Inventory - A completely VAT compliant accounting system for the Middle East countries. It is an easy-to-use online accounting program designed for small businesses to manage their finances. It is a double-entry bookkeeping system that automatically creates a journal, moves money from one account to another, and applies debits and credits accordingly.

The inventory management application makes warehouse management, barcode scanning, batch and serial tracking easy to use.


Zoho People & Recruit The complete HR solution for business. With Zoho People's centralized management and employee self-service portal, manage all of your HR programs from a central location. Track your employees' time, attendance, absenteeism, vacation management, performance management and more from any device, wherever you are. With Zoho People's self-service feature, employees can access and update their own records based on established rules, making HR staff more efficient by eliminating the need to manually enter updates.

Our solutions work for all industries.

 Logistics and Shipping, Retail and Distribution, Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hospitals and Clinics, or any type of service industry.

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